04 June 2012

a weekend in maine, or: crustacean carnage

Despite the rain, Maine was lovely.  We caught up with my homegirls from high school, explored the old forts strewn along the Atlantic coast, ate nigiri (and Philadelphia rolls for those less adventurous, i.e. moi), baked cookies, visited the farmers market, ate corn chowder, and Kevin ate a Maine lobster.  He ate it across from me, the one who grew up in that crustacean-loving state but is allergic to shellfish.  Not only was the spraying of deathly juices rather alarming, but the cracking open of shell, tearing off of limb, and disturbingly guacamole-like innards were all a bit too much for me.  He did look pretty cute in his bib, though.

All these photos were taken by me with Kev's iphone, using the VSCO app.  I got my camera back, but alas, it is still broken.  Off it goes again.  Booo.


  1. How interesting that they would give you your camera back, but still broken.

    I'm with you on the limbs and innards being too much to look at. Whole lobsters are somewhat appealing (especially if you're a photographer), but once they're being torn apart, not so much.

    1. They fixed the lens, but now it won't stay on long enough to take a picture, which wasn't a problem before. Ugh!

  2. But I guess the rain is what made all of this gorgeous green. You sure know how to make lobster seem utterly unappealing ; )

  3. Aww..the VSCO app looks good! If only the app was free hehe.

  4. Thanks for the blog visit, Liz! Excited to explore Tangible Ingredients now. This time last year I was spending two glorious unemployed weeks back in the Maine homeland (from the Boothbay Harbor Region originally, until my family resettled in Western Maine). Enjoyed your wonderful photos, and now must check out the VSCO app... Oh, and both my best friend and husband, both New England/Mainers are both shellfish allergic/adverse - so you are not alone. :)

  5. that sucks that you're allergic to shellfish! i hope you guys didn't kiss much afterwards? cos yikes!

    i love the colours of shots...i'm totally looking up that app!


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