11 July 2012

back to costa rica

We're off to Costa Rica today.  It's our last bit of traveling before we completely shift gears and settle down for the winter.  We haven't been settled for years, and we've never been settled together before.  K severed his ACL, so instead of heading back to Antarctica, it's surgery and recuperation time.  We've gotten excited about this upcoming adventure though, looking forward to getting to know new parts of each other, ecstatic about having our own kitchen, and thrilled to experience the season of fall after a couple years without it.  It's my favorite!
But we have one last hoo-rah that we had planned prior to knowing the extent of his injury.  We're meeting K's sister and niece in Costa Rica, and roaming around the country for two weeks.
I've been there before.  It was my first big trip alone (I was 19), and it ended rather poorly.  I became incredibly sick with mono, but before the doctors knew what it was, I went through endless tests, including a spinal tap... in Spanish.  Ugh.  So I didn't have the best experience the first time around.  I did however, start using a digital camera for the first time.  I had played around with film growing up, but my stepdad gave me my first digital camera... I think it was 3 whole whopping megapixels.  These are pretty much the only decent shots from my several month stint, but it was a big stepping stone.
I'm looking forward to taking a whole lot more pictures, laying on the beach, and actually enjoying myself this time.


  1. Cheers to another memorable, but much more enjoyable, time in this lush landscape. I haven't been, but my husband has told me some good stories. Enjoy.

  2. take advantage of that beach, girl! i hear costa rica's amazing. have the best time!

  3. It looks magical to me. Have an enjoyable trip!

    And a happy weekend!


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