10 July 2012

finally rain

You've probably heard a thing or two about all the forest fires in Colorado.  Well, finally, FINALLY, the past few days have been thunderstorms with pouring rain.  We holed up, watched movies, felt cozy, made grunts on the stove with apricots pilfered by K's mom, baked cookies, K made a huge pot of green chili, and all was lovely.  This afternoon, after the morning rain subsided, I stepped out into the sunshine and took a peek at Kim's garden.  It had been pretty sad when we first got here, and even though I watered the bejeezus out of it, thirst was not letting go.  Today, though!  New tomatoes forming on the vine, flowers blossoming with promises of more, and the pumpkin is reaching across the pathway.  It must have grown a foot in the last couple days.  Rain is good!


  1. the magic of nature, as cheesy as it sounds, always astounds me. :) i'm so glad that the world we live in generally likes to fix what it's broken (especially when it comes to forest fires). plus, yummy fresh homegrown tomatoes are just awesome!

  2. rain is good. i love rain but i dislike storms.


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