30 July 2012

Meet Corn

Meet Cornelia Bunny Humphricott.  Remember Kitty, the foster cat my parents took in?  Well we kept one of her kittens.  We thought for a long time about adopting her instead, but my Mom reported that there was one kitten in particular that she thought would really suit us.  Cornelia is spunky, sweet, curious, brave, naughty, affectionate, and I'm getting to know new sides of her every day.  Her name makes me giggle a little still. 

Her last name is an amusing combination of Humphreys and Endicott (mine and K's last names), the middle name is what my mom named her during her first 8 weeks, and then Cornelia... Have you seen The Castle?  It's a marvelous movie.  We watched it this winter, and laughed a lot, particularly every time Eric Bana's character "Con" was mentioned because it sounded like they were saying "Corn," and we declared we had to have a cat named Corn someday.  But after meeting her, I realized she was too pretty for just plain old Corn, so Cornelia it was.  Many nicknames have already popped up, including Sweet Corn, Corn Dog, Corn Bag... the list will go on forever, I'm sure.

I've had a few moments where I've stopped and thought, "Oh no, what have we done, we're travelers, and we adopted a kitten?!"  But one of the major themes of our relationship is that we make it work, and she has proven that she's worth making it work already.  I can't wait for Kevin to meet her when he comes out to Montana on Tuesday.  It's just me here for a few days, putting my nose to the grind, trying to make it happen.

In other news, we returned form Costa Rica on Thursday and have written a post about it over on Weird BirdsCheck it out!  I took a bazillion photos so there will be plenty over here soon as well.

One last thing: It's no secret that I love Fleetwood Mac.  So this is pretty exciting.   So far, the Gardens & Villa cover of "Gypsy" is my favorite, but I have a feeling that with every listen, I'll find a new fav. 


  1. What an absolutely adorable name for your new family member. She is the cutest. And welcome home by the way!

  2. aaah she is ADORABLE!! i think my heart just melted into a puddle. (LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!)

    ...i want one!! :D

  3. Corn is beautiful and wow how you caught that mid air jump! excellent. Hope you are doing fine! I always enjoy your posts and photos!

  4. What a sweet kitty! Corn. Adorable.

    Oh, Fleetwood Mac. Memories. My mom played Rumours over and over again when I was a young girl. I've been listening to Landslide a lot lately. I think it was on the album before Rumours.

  5. I miss having a kitty. Humphricott is adorable.


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