09 July 2012

summer bagel

After making grilled pizza with salmon the other day, we had a big hunk of smoked salmon left over.  I made some lox bagels for Kev and his friend, and realized that I had been fish-ed out.  I just wasn't in the mood for it.  So I made a slight variation and ended up with what I'm calling the Summer Bagel.  Fresh, delicious, light... a perfect lunch or mid-afternoon snack.  And completely versatile... try different veggies, different herbs, throw a poached egg on top... !

For my Summer Bagel, I used:
- 1 toasted bagel (everything was particularly delicious)
- 2 tbsp cream cheese
- slivered onion (as much as you want)
- sliced grape tomatoes (those yellow cherub ones would be SO good)
- a generous sprinkling of dill (fresh would be better!)


  1. yum, i think i would love some egg on that! i think tomatoes + onions are a match made in heaven. :) my go-to is always avocado, though, because you can't go wrong with its creamy, buttery flavour. (and now i've just made myself hungry...)

  2. oohhhh! i love making bagels with cream cheese and tomato. i've never tried dill though. that sounds yummy.

  3. Simple deliciousness. I like the dill idea.


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