31 July 2012

the past few days alone

Today I am heading up to the airport to collect Kevin, then a few hours later my Mom, Stepdad, and brother fly in too.  I can't wait!  The past few days have been a little lonely, in Montana by myself.  They have been full days though, getting to know Cornelia, working on earrings, reading the newest Kinfolk in the sunshine. 


  1. kitten snoozing! gah! so cute!!

    ok, i need to focus here. (cats get me so darn distracted!) that is SO exciting that you're working on the biz! i can't wait to see the end product(s) - obviously there's some earrings on the go there...anything else in the works? and have you decided to go for etsy or big cartel? (so many questions!)

    have a fantastic time with your family (i'm including kevin in with them!), and enjoy the sunshine! :)

  2. I love that afgan, great colors. Reading outside is one of my favorite pastimes.

  3. Cornelia is wonderful. Sometime some alone time is much needed, but it is so good when it's over, right? I live alone (with cats) and when I have friends visiting is such a breath of fresh air.

  4. Cornelia is absolutely adorable - she's making me have kitten fever!

    I'm loving your photos of your life in Montana and also Costa Rica. My husband and I visited CR in 2008. We spent time in Playa Samara, Montezuma, Monteverde. We got to surf for the first time - so cool!


  5. Beautiful kitten, only to hug it. I am greeting

  6. the colours in your space are absolutely beautiful!


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