13 August 2012

fallen behind

I'm falling behind.

I'm making things and eating delicious things and baking things and painting things and decorating things and and and, but I've fallen behind and I don't quite yet have the means to show it all to you.

I had an embarrassing topple in the yard yesterday while moving around the sprinklers and sprained the old ankle.  So now I'm falling even more behind.

Friends coming tomorrow, deadlines approaching.

Bear with me, I'll catch up.

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  1. i think pretty much all of life is like a giant race you keep feeling you're losing steadily at...i was feeling like this myself until a lovely friend of mine pointed out that if i don't go at my own pace, i'm living on someone else's idea of time. it really helped to make me realize that the only person i'm accountable to right now is myself...and now i feel so much better, working at my own pace. :)

    as for the physically falling behind, that will also heal... but you'll never get this summertime back again, so enjoy the fact that your body is forcing you to slow down + enjoy your baking+cooking+eating+making. <33!


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