03 August 2012

The Last Hurdle

Three mornings ago, I was woken up at 6am by a phone call from Kev who had showed up to the airport, only to find that his flight wasn't until the next day.  Oops.  So he came a day later, and even though it was just twenty four hours, it was excruciating.

But he's here now!  And it was love at first sight between him and Corn.  After we ate salmon brought fresh from Alaska by my parents and amazing homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream made by my Mother (with tons of mint she grew!), we went for a mountain walk behind the house.  Just as we got to the top, a sliver of the moon revealed itself from behind the Sapphire Mountains, and we enjoyed our own personal moonrise kingdom.  It was magic.

As much as we just wanted to stay home, relax for a change, and get to know Cornelia better, we hit the road this morning.  We're driving to Minnesota for a wedding.  We've dubbed this trip, "The Last Hurdle," because it is; it's the last hurdle before we can settle down for a while.  It might be a few days before I can post again.  I hope your August days are filled with magic.


  1. aaah that first shot is adorable! it looks like corn's the one going for the last hurdle, haha. :)

    also, can i steal your parents?! that food sounds DELICIOUS and i already know how much i love your mum's garden from your other pics...

    have a great time at the wedding! and enjoy your time off, too.

  2. I am excited about you being able to settle down. Is someone caring for little Cornelia? She is soo cute

  3. indreams - :) :) :)
    kim - my parents are watching her! we miss her!

  4. Hope Minnesota treats you fine! And that kitty that kitty that kitty. *sigh* If only my husband wasn't allergic. :)

  5. First of all, Cornelia is adorable!

    So glad you guys are reunited again, have fun at the wedding!


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