09 August 2012

we're back!

We're back!  I'm back!

Yesterday we drove 18 straight hours to get home.  Because we just wanted to get home.  When I finally lay down in bed last night and closed my eyes, I could still see the road whizzing by.  But we had a fun midwest adventure, full of Great Lakes and cheese curds.  And now, we're moving into our new home.

More very soon.

Note: We took these pictures of each other at my dear friend Erin's wedding which was in such an amazing location.  A gondola took you to the top of Moose Mountain, where a ski resort had an enormous porch overlooking the Superior.  Beauteous!


  1. welcome back!! still so jealous of your lake adventures (with cheese curds?!)... :)

  2. sounds like a nice trip. but how exciting to be home!


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