19 September 2012

4 things of note (mostly in yellow)

 1 - I picked up a Moleskine watercolor notebook back in New England, and started doing quick paintings as a sort of journal of our travels.  This trumpet vine kept me company in South Carolina while Kevin watched swallows and swans near Jim Bakker's compound.

2 - I am endlessly obsessed with Becca Stadtlander's whimsical paintings as of late.  The way she captures fields... be still my heart.

3 - The sunflowers behind our house are finally blooming, and most of them are deep red or exploding red and yellow like this one.  The soil back there isn't great, so most of them reveal their radiant faces and then flop over, but this one is standing strong.

4 - Kevin and I have been working on things, as always, and are hoping to get our online shop up and running in the coming days.  I had to pry myself away from my pile, as this yellow tree was waving to me through our big back window.  It's a few blocks away, so I grabbed a few cameras, strolled over, and visited.  I decided that he needed to be showcased on a new banner, which made me realize how badly this space needs a facelift.  So that's under works too, keep peeking around as stuff gets updated.


  1. that new banner is supremely awesome! the tree you captured is so perfect for it, i think....(the instax you got of it is pretty kick-ass too!) :)

    high five on the watercolour, too...i keep meaning to take a class/get a book out of the library and just mess around, but i'm a big wimp and always try to talk myself out of things i would probably suck at (i'm working on it). i suggest you show us more! haha.

    lastly, i totally thought that sunflower shot was a painting. for a full 10 seconds. it is SO.AMAZING. you're the luckiest gal i know if that's sitting in your backyard!

  2. i'm loving the new banner. and your water color is so beautiful. moleskin notebooks are my favorite-they just feel so good in my hands! it's really looking like fall where you are! missoula's leaves haven't started turning yet, but i'm so excited for when they do.

  3. You are a talented lady. What great paintings. Also, I love that last instax shot. Wow!


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