03 September 2012

A September Day

Oh, September.  A month in which one can enjoy the best of summer and fall in the same day.  It's already getting pretty chilly here - 70's during the day, low 40's at night.  This is the first September that I have not been in Antarctica since 2009, and I am so excited to enjoy my favorite seasonal transition.


It's chilly, but not cold enough to do any real heating of the house.  So instead I bake some potent ginger cookies, gaze at my farmers market bouquet, and practice the ukulele in between batches.


It's now sunny and warm, so off to the river we bike, dipping our toes into the Bitterroot, gobbling up homemade paninis.  These ones had fresh mozzarella, turkey, basil leaves, garden tomatoes, roasted garlic oil and balsamic vinegar.  Dang-a-lang.


After soup and freshly baked bread for dinner, we bundle up and bike over to the the bandshell.  My mother joined the community orchestra this summer, and we listen to her play the flute while watching the sun sink low behind the mountains, and ash from the nearby forest fires settles in our hair.

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  1. holy moles liz. i love your life. this is the perfectest of perfect days. especially that tremendous looking sandwich.


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