12 September 2012


Remember how earlier this summer my mom fostered a pregnant cat, and K & I ended up keeping a kitten, and the whole thing was kind of a mess because we all got far too attached?  Well it was decided that none of us should be involved in fostering an animal again, because it was too painful.

However, there is a big wildfire raging in our town (we wrote about it over at Weird Birds today) and the local shelter has become inundated with animals of those being evacuated.  Since two week old kittens can't be vaccinated quite yet, the shelter asked if my mom would foster a mama cat and her six kittens for a few days until everything is sorted out.  So there are kittens in my mom's dresser drawer again.  I sat and watched them wiggle and squeak for hours yesterday.


  1. Oh, those sweet tiny little creatures. The image of the kittens hugging is precious.

  2. that is so sad, but so happy, but still so sad! what adorable little faces...and high five to your mama being awesome + taking that responsibility for all those cute fuzzy faces. :)

  3. ... KITTENZ!! such sweet little balls of fuzz.

  4. Oh! Sweet sweet little ohs and ahs. Last Forth of July, my family found an abandoned, injured kitten in a nearby ditch, and we spent the entire weekend nursing him back to health, loving every tender moment.

    Also...*sigh*...my husband is as nearly perfect for me as I could hope for, except I really wish he wasn't allergic to cats.


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