01 October 2012

a taste of my weekend

dinner picnic / the walk back from the farmers market / potato leek soup / bear creek / bitterroots / an autumn hike / the teeniest tiny / sorting tomatoes / nasturtiums for salad / weekend treasures

farewell, september.  you were marvelous.


  1. i just love nasturtiums - i'm so sad people don't use the free (and delicious!) food they grow in their own front or back yards here. (i mean, i'd willingly take it off their hands! haha.)

    alllllso, i have a total cat-crush on your cornelia. she just cannot get any cuter!! <3

  2. looks like such a great weekend. and the smoke was gone too!

    1. i know, so exciting!!! is it smoke free in missoula too? i heard you guys got some snow yesterday!

  3. Awww, the last picture! You have always loved "yittle" things. So love looking at these pics my dear! Was that the Blodgett hike? I forget what fall is like!


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