29 October 2012

a taste of my weekend

Lino cutting // A hike around Lake Como // Melted snow droplet // Following the trail // Waterfall // Bits of remaining green // A wonderful man and a wonderful view // Bald Eagle // Wood is good // Sunday breakfast burrito // Honeycomb shelves almost done // Our work bench


  1. aaah! cat stamp! honeycomb shelving! hiking!! <333

  2. Rich and beautiful colors paired with a wonderful man and view... It doesn't get much better.

  3. I'm back to ask-- how hard were those to build?

    1. Pretty hard. We used the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess and they were not helpful... if you follow those directions, you're going to end up with a lopsided mess. My boyfriend, who is a pretty skilled woodworker followed their directions and built some, and the measurements they give don't add up. So he ended up taking that one apart to build boxes and then started all over again, bc at that point we really wanted them. He measured it all out and did his own math, and they came out awesome! They're beautiful and we love them, but don't take their measurements, figure it out yourself.


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