03 October 2012

attic findings no. 1

Found this drawing from kindergarten.  It's pretty much spot on to my life now, except my cat is white and my bike is blue.  I could probably use those multicolored streamers as well.


  1. i was just digging through some of my old stuff too, and found one of those 'ancient documents' you'd fake with tea to look old. it was me as a monk, or something (apparently my name is "brother lindsay of the unicorn", haha), and is from about grade 5 or 6. trips down memory lane are awesome, especially when they're so close to where you are now! haha. i love that you're clearly the same person you were back then, just older + wiser. :)

    1. hahaha, brother lindsay of the unicorn! that's the best thing i've heard today.

    2. isn't it AMAZING!? you can totally tell how dorky i was as a kid... :D


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