26 October 2012

Autumn Manifesto

I thought it was about time to post my manifesto for this favorite season of mine.  I've had it jotted down in a journal for a while now, but that last picture of Cornelia experiencing rain for the first time reminded me that I should share it here too.

Autumn Manifesto

Notice the birds - I'm particularly smitten with the Red-Shafted Northern Flickers lately, as well as the little black and white Downy Woodpecker that visits every afternoon for some suet nibbles.

Take long walks - Every day, particularly in the morning, but the evenings are nice as well when all of the homes are lit from within and chimneys fill the air with that Autumnal smell.

Send bundles of love to faraway friends - There's something so wondrous about taping up a box, writing an address including the word "Antarctica" and then knowing the long arduous journey it will take, since I've made that journey several times. 

Collect leaves - I have stacks around the house of vermillion, burgundy, mustard, blood orange.

Make soup - So far we've had broccoli cheddar, potato leek, green chili, three bean chili, french onion, and a bunch of pho.  Yum!  I want more of all of those, plus I would like to make a stew, then use the leftovers to make meat pies. 

Write down my stories - We share some stories over at Weird Birds, but there are so many that are often too embarrassing, or disturbing, or intimate that don't make the cut.  I want to write all those stories down, before I forget.  I did NaNoWriMo in 2009, the November before leaving for Antarctica.  It was an incredible experience that really unleashed a lot of creativity for me.  I've decided I'm going to do it again in, oh boy, six days...

What sorts of things are on your Autumn Manifesto?

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  1. That little bouquet of leaves made me heave a deep sigh. So gorgeous.


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