23 October 2012

just because

Every morning, Kevin rises before I do.  He gets up in the dark, turns on NPR, and makes us breakfast.  Usually poached eggs are involved, and bananas over yogurt with homemade granola.  He comes and kisses my forehead, waking me up, and I find my breakfast steaming on the table, a mug of orange juice, and my vitamins.  Then we listen, mostly about the election these days, but occasionally there's more, like the interview with Mary Oliver the other day about her writing process and her own morning rituals.  As if making breakfast for me isn't enough, he surprised me with her newest collection, A Thousand Mornings.  "Just because I love you, and I thought you needed it," he said.  I'm so truly lucky.  A favorite from A Thousand Mornings:


I have decided to find myself a home
in the mountains, somewhere high up
where one learns to live peacefully in
the cold and the silence.  It's said that
in such a place certain revelations may
be discovered.  That what the spirit 
reaches for may be eventually felt, if not
exactly understood.   Slowly, no doubt.  I'm
not talking about vacation.

Of Course at the same time I mean to
stay exactly where I am.

Are you following me?


  1. I love Mary Oliver. She is glorious.

    1. Glorious, indeed. I've enjoyed all of your autumnal posts on facebook, Kyla! Looks like life is lovely :)

  2. Such a sweet post. At the beginning of the year, my first poetry class assignment was to post a poem publicly somewhere around Missoula. I hung one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems on the trail up Mt. Sentinel. She's beautiful.

    1. Oh, oh, I love that assignment! Wonderful! What a perfect place for her words to live!

  3. your mornings sound lovely. i love mornings, too. they can set you up for the day.
    P.S. I am going to have to get the new Mary Oliver book now.

    1. Yes, mornings are particularly sweet aren't they. You won't regret getting the book!

  4. ohh, what a great gift! (well, having kevin is a pretty great gift too, haha!) :)

    i've just started reading 'bitter fame' by anne stevenson, which is about sylvia plath...so i'm headed towards a darker prose. i think i might need to read something to balance it out, though...and perhaps mary oliver will do! (my version will have to be from the library. SIGH. i hate rushing reading!)

    1. oh man, i loved sylvia plath but i just can't stomach her writing or her story these days. hang in there! the new mary oliver collection is short, so a library copy would be perfect i think. and much more uplifting! ;)


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