04 October 2012

the first frost

This morning I rose in the dark and ate poached eggs with Kevin.  As he set off on his bike to work, I bundled up in several layers, pulled out the ole hat and mittens, and set out in the 29 degree morning.  Everything was shimmering in the lightest dusting of frost, which was twinkled by the sun as it crept above the horizon.  The air was pregnant with the smell of smoke, but the woodstove kind, not the forest fire kind.  Such a mood-enhancing difference.  The sky was deep blue, mottled with a billion little pebbles of cloud.  I walked until my appendages had had enough, came back inside, and snuggled with the cat next to our own fire.


  1. these photos + thoughts make me want to visit where you are! frost makes everything seem clean + fresh, doesn't it? (we don't get much of it in the city; somehow it seems to jump from t-shirt weather to snowpants weather overnight!) anyway, this is pretty much my definition of a perfect fall morning. :)

  2. I can't believe it's already cold enough for frost! it's a good thing it's so pretty or I might be a little mad about it.


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