19 November 2012

a taste of last weekend

Snow! // Corn's snowy adventures // A wintry Bitterroot River // Introducing Antarctic gear to Montana // After the melt // Mail from this lovely lady!

This is all last weekend because this past week came out of nowhere and blew the doors down with busy-ness.  Hoo boy.  Getting back into the swing of things.

How was your weekend?


  1. hooray!! it made it all the way to you, in spite of the snow! :D

    i know what you mean with the madness of late - what is going on with all these things to do, popping up, when all i want to do is bake xmas cookies + frolic in snowpants?! haha. (though i guess it would have to snow here for that to happen...siiiigh.)

    ps. that hat is AMAZING. and your smile is infectious! <3

  2. i loved this snow! just wishing it would come back for thanksgiving now... 50 degree thanksgiving week is just weird! loving your pictures from the weekend.


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