11 December 2012


It's been an exceptionally hard couple of weeks.  The night before I was scheduled to return from the funeral I was attending, Kevin got a late night phone call and found out he had to leave for a funeral as well.  We're finally both back home, trying to regain a sense of normalcy.  I've been struggling with unemployment for a while now in this little valley, and am having a particularly hard time of it lately.  So I'm here to ask you: what sorts of things do you do when you need cheering up? 


  1. <333 i'm sending so much love your way...this is such a crap ending to a wonderful year!

    things i've been doing recently to kick the winter blahs are:

    1) drinking a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) and having a home alone marathon (ok, the first two. the others pretty much don't exist).

    2) painting my toenails. in fact, do a whole pedicure, since it feels so nice to have super-warm feet in the winter-time!

    3) exercising! weirdly enough, doing my mum's old cindy crawford workout ("the next challenge" yep, really!) has helped put me in a better mood than i thought it would!

    4) baking cookies, because duh. although i guess the "eating all the dough" part means there won't be that much baking, per se... ;)

    5) since you have snow, i say make snowpeople/snow angels/snowballs!!

    in the meantime, lots of *HUGGGGS*. :)

    1. Oh thank you, Lindsay, and hugs right back! I haven't forgotten about our penpalship (can that be a word?)

  2. I was unemployed for a couple of months this year. My solution when I got the blues?

    1. Making fun playlists to dance around to.
    2. Escapism via good reads.
    3. Cleaning and decorating.
    4. Acknowledging what I'm thankful for.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about both of your losses, I can totally relate my great aunt and Cory's grandfather both went to the hospital the same weekend and neither are expected to make it to the new year. Cory was away at training for a week before and I got to be with him for 19 hours before he flew out to be with his grandfather for a week. When he gets back he will be straight back to work. In addition I have also been having some hip issues and may need to have a hip replacement at the ripe age of 29! I know how terribly hard it can be to get into the spirt after not just one, but two losses right after another, I've found listening to cheery Christmas music really helps. It's really hard to stay in a funk while singing along to Christmas music. I also suggest reading books that make you laugh.

    As far as unemployment I found that having craft projects to work on helped keep my mind off of it. I made a quilt while I was job searching. It was quite the project, but I found having a complicated project like that to work on helped keep me busy. I know what it's like to feel like all these places don't realize what a wonderfully talented person you are, but the attitude I kept was that there was a reason all these places kept passing me by and although you may not understand now, it will eventually reaveal itself to you.

    Anyhow, I hope that helps at least a little!

    Best wishes & Merry Christmas

    1. Oh, Katie, thank you so much. I was sad to hear that Carrie can't make it to you for xmas! I still can't believe we haven't met yet... someday! Hopefully sooner than later.

  4. Oh, Liz. Sorry to learn things aren't going well for you lately. The first thing I try to remember is "this too shall pass". Then there is taking a bath, listening to favorite music, watching old loved movies, reading a favorite book again, long walks, doing something nice for someone else, letting people take care of you, and thinking of all that is good in life. Also, don't forget that it is perfectly fine to feel sad, for a little while. Sending cheer your way.


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