14 December 2012

meteor shower, cookies, and thanks

Thanks, sweet friends, for the encouragement and great advice.  Things are looking up, slowly but surely.  A promising interview yesterday, a kitty who doesn't know what to make of the tree in our living room, a full calendar for the upcoming weeks, and cookies.  Thank goodness for baking cookies. 
Last night, we made hot chocolate, bundled up, and went outside to watch the meteor shower.  Did you see it?  There were some long periods of nothing, but then some truly incredible, full second long, across the sky wowzers.  When we got too cold, we came in, turned off all the lights, and sat by our big window, Corn jumping from shoulder to shoulder to try and see what we were watching.  Her tail grew bushy as a deer wandered through the starlight, checking our bird feeders for loot. 


  1. HI!

    thanks for commenting on my New Moon post. just wanted to send you some extra special magical vibes. you are not alone.

    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


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