20 December 2012

stop motion xmas

Despite being a somber trip, my recent visit out to Boston provided me some precious moments frolicking around with these whippersnappers.  My Dad adopted 9 month old twins three years ago, and these turkeys quickly became such a vital part of our family.  I adore them.  We spent the morning before I flew back wandering around a deserted Christmas tree farm, saturated with mist.  For Christmas, I wanted to do something different than the routine toys for them.  They love watching videos, so I set out to make a stop motion video.  Phew, those things are labor and time intensive!  I spent over six hours working on this baby, and it's just over a minute long!  But it was really fun, and I can't wait to do more in the future!  They haven't seen it yet, I just mailed them a card with the link on it :)  Dad, if you happen to look at this, you don't get to watch it yet, wait til xmas!



  2. I loooved your stop motion video! How fun!
    I'd love to make one together with Astrid (my daughter)... what kioftware would i need? Do you have a 3 good tips list on how to make it?


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