29 January 2012

nostalgia for summer (or: i'm ready to go!)

[photos are from the last week of our brief summer in montana, taken with my thrifted vivitar]

We have WEEKS left.  Not months, but just mere weeks.  A little under four, which is perhaps, in some books, still a month, but I'm counting them as weeks because I am ready to get off this continent and COOK, SMELL LIVING THINGS, WALK BAREFOOT, LOOK AT STARS, PET A CAT, CHOOSE WHAT I WANT TO DOOO!  Yikes.  I'm ready to be done, can you tell?

But, before we leave, we have one really amazing, truly spectacular, once in a lifetime adventure coming up, and we get to do it together.  We leave tomorrow.  When I get back I will fill you in with pictures (I'm even busting out the cranky old Instax for this one) and hopefully a video.  Very, very exciting!  I will just say (and I should stop bc I'm already saying too much) that it's incredible that we have the opportunity to go to this place, period, let alone that it's the two of us.  Yep.  Stay tuned!

Also, just for funsies, here is a wildly embarrassing but just-too-silly-to-not-share video that I made for these dumb weekly safety meetings we have down here.  Usually the safety meetings involve somebody talking for far too long about stuff they don't really know about.  So I tried to keep mine short & sweet while invoking a few giggles.
Self Esteem with Doctor Apricot from Elizabeth Endicott on Vimeo.

06 January 2012

play and sing good [or: happy new year, a week late]

Have you seen this?  It's Woody Guthrie's New Years Rulin's from 1943.  I love it so much.  Next year, my resolutions will look a lot more like this. 

Down here, the name of the game is safety.  There are safety presentations, safety lectures, safety committees, safety meetings.  At a recent safety meeting, (and don't ask me how these are related) we had to sit through a woman talking about her personal resolutions.  They were things like "be open" and "see more," which aren't bad ones, but she was essentially saying that she doesn't think people should make specific goals for themselves because those ones are black and white if you fail them.  So she recommended making these broad, nebulous goals.  Well, safety lady, I don't agree!
Here are my concrete goals for this year, and I plan to black and white accomplish them!

1. Publish a photograph or short piece of writing.  This can be in a newspaper, a magazine, some credible online format, etc.
2. Start making videos, a la this one.  I'm going to be roaming around in some pretty incredible scenery this year, so why not branch out creatively?
3. Fix up my resume so that it is really, really good.  Not crappy like it is now.
4. Hike to Everest base camp.  Our tickets are already purchased for Nepal, but I'm putting this here because it still feels like such an unattainable monolith of an adventure. 
5. Learn how to play a song on an instrument while singing it.  Eek!  Double whammy!  If I get confident, this will become a triple whammy, in that I have to perform it in front of someone(s).

There you have it, shmeeples.  It's official.

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