25 February 2012

oh hi new zealand

We left Antarctica yesterday after 6.5 long, long months.  We're now staying across the street from the beach, in a quirky little "bach".  Tomatoes, basil, fresh cheese, ocean, flowers, bumblebees, darkness... ahh.  Life is good.

19 February 2012

not the worst skatepark

It's gotten cold again here.  Below zero cold, which didn't seem that bad four months ago unless it got down to -40, -50, -82... But after a month of 30's, it feels bitterly cold.  We had one little glimmer among these new cold days last week, where we felt comfortable in t-shirts, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and all of the mountains were defined in their illumination.  Kev, James, and I walked up to the platform left behind from the decommissioned nuclear power plant.  Kevin enjoyed the view while James skated and I snapped a few pictures.  Perhaps not the best skate park ever, but certainly not the worst. 

18 February 2012

nostalgia for summer (or: i'm ready to go) part II

Only five days left here in McMurdo!  I'm busy packing, which is something that I've never been remotely good at, but it's particularly hard when whatever I pack has to be lugged all over Nepal and India, but whatever I don't pack is stuck in Antarctica until I return.  Ugh.  For now, here's some more film I shot with my new (to me) Vivitar last summer.

17 February 2012

whale watching from bed

There haven't been many penguins this year, but the whales are everywhere.  The sea ice broke up again, revealing a vast swath of open water surrounding station.  I didn't see any whales last year, but this time around it seems that every time I peek out a window there are at least a couple whales spouting. 
The sun has finally gotten low again during the night hours, but rather than setting, it just slowly rolls along the horizon.  Two nights ago, as the sun was creeping behind Ob Hill, I glanced out the window and saw the spouts of whales being lit up by the pink and orange glow of the sun.  It was one of the most beautiful sights.  We also have been laying in our bed, watching them from our window.  These things become normal down here, but really - does it get any better than being able to whale watch from your bed??

12 February 2012

Antarctic Date Night: Dry Valleys Edition (Instax)

Here are some instax shots I took during our 10 hour hike through Taylor Valley.  We finally just posted about this incredible experience over at Weird Birds, go check it out.

p.s. I finally spruced things up a teeny tiny bit, after completely destroying my layout a few months ago and then ignoring it... Check out the new banner!

03 February 2012

Antarctic Date Night: Dry Valleys Edition

Lake Hoare from Elizabeth Endicott on Vimeo.

So Kevin and I had the date night of a lifetime.  We had two days and one night at Lake Hoare, a camp in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.  We had to work for a few hours, but the rest of our time was spent outside, marveling in the incredible landscape.  I've never seen anything like it, and the 9 hour hike we took quickly rose to one of the best experiences of my life.  We slept in the Scott tent featured in the video, but what isn't shown is how the tent is nestled below the Canada Glacier.  I could go on and on about the stupendous beauty we reveled in, but for now, just check out the short video I made with clips from our trip.  Pictures soon!