31 July 2012

the past few days alone

Today I am heading up to the airport to collect Kevin, then a few hours later my Mom, Stepdad, and brother fly in too.  I can't wait!  The past few days have been a little lonely, in Montana by myself.  They have been full days though, getting to know Cornelia, working on earrings, reading the newest Kinfolk in the sunshine. 

30 July 2012

Meet Corn

Meet Cornelia Bunny Humphricott.  Remember Kitty, the foster cat my parents took in?  Well we kept one of her kittens.  We thought for a long time about adopting her instead, but my Mom reported that there was one kitten in particular that she thought would really suit us.  Cornelia is spunky, sweet, curious, brave, naughty, affectionate, and I'm getting to know new sides of her every day.  Her name makes me giggle a little still. 

Her last name is an amusing combination of Humphreys and Endicott (mine and K's last names), the middle name is what my mom named her during her first 8 weeks, and then Cornelia... Have you seen The Castle?  It's a marvelous movie.  We watched it this winter, and laughed a lot, particularly every time Eric Bana's character "Con" was mentioned because it sounded like they were saying "Corn," and we declared we had to have a cat named Corn someday.  But after meeting her, I realized she was too pretty for just plain old Corn, so Cornelia it was.  Many nicknames have already popped up, including Sweet Corn, Corn Dog, Corn Bag... the list will go on forever, I'm sure.

I've had a few moments where I've stopped and thought, "Oh no, what have we done, we're travelers, and we adopted a kitten?!"  But one of the major themes of our relationship is that we make it work, and she has proven that she's worth making it work already.  I can't wait for Kevin to meet her when he comes out to Montana on Tuesday.  It's just me here for a few days, putting my nose to the grind, trying to make it happen.

In other news, we returned form Costa Rica on Thursday and have written a post about it over on Weird BirdsCheck it out!  I took a bazillion photos so there will be plenty over here soon as well.

One last thing: It's no secret that I love Fleetwood Mac.  So this is pretty exciting.   So far, the Gardens & Villa cover of "Gypsy" is my favorite, but I have a feeling that with every listen, I'll find a new fav. 

27 July 2012

a post in which i don't divulge much, but i do give you a sneak peek to our new third wheel

I'm back.  I'm home.  I'm tired.  And I'm alone for the next few days.  Today I am unpacking, laundry-ing, getting organized, eating something besides rice and beans, and getting to know our new kitten.  Yep.  I'll be back with more on Monday.

11 July 2012

back to costa rica

We're off to Costa Rica today.  It's our last bit of traveling before we completely shift gears and settle down for the winter.  We haven't been settled for years, and we've never been settled together before.  K severed his ACL, so instead of heading back to Antarctica, it's surgery and recuperation time.  We've gotten excited about this upcoming adventure though, looking forward to getting to know new parts of each other, ecstatic about having our own kitchen, and thrilled to experience the season of fall after a couple years without it.  It's my favorite!
But we have one last hoo-rah that we had planned prior to knowing the extent of his injury.  We're meeting K's sister and niece in Costa Rica, and roaming around the country for two weeks.
I've been there before.  It was my first big trip alone (I was 19), and it ended rather poorly.  I became incredibly sick with mono, but before the doctors knew what it was, I went through endless tests, including a spinal tap... in Spanish.  Ugh.  So I didn't have the best experience the first time around.  I did however, start using a digital camera for the first time.  I had played around with film growing up, but my stepdad gave me my first digital camera... I think it was 3 whole whopping megapixels.  These are pretty much the only decent shots from my several month stint, but it was a big stepping stone.
I'm looking forward to taking a whole lot more pictures, laying on the beach, and actually enjoying myself this time.

10 July 2012

finally rain

You've probably heard a thing or two about all the forest fires in Colorado.  Well, finally, FINALLY, the past few days have been thunderstorms with pouring rain.  We holed up, watched movies, felt cozy, made grunts on the stove with apricots pilfered by K's mom, baked cookies, K made a huge pot of green chili, and all was lovely.  This afternoon, after the morning rain subsided, I stepped out into the sunshine and took a peek at Kim's garden.  It had been pretty sad when we first got here, and even though I watered the bejeezus out of it, thirst was not letting go.  Today, though!  New tomatoes forming on the vine, flowers blossoming with promises of more, and the pumpkin is reaching across the pathway.  It must have grown a foot in the last couple days.  Rain is good!

09 July 2012

summer bagel

After making grilled pizza with salmon the other day, we had a big hunk of smoked salmon left over.  I made some lox bagels for Kev and his friend, and realized that I had been fish-ed out.  I just wasn't in the mood for it.  So I made a slight variation and ended up with what I'm calling the Summer Bagel.  Fresh, delicious, light... a perfect lunch or mid-afternoon snack.  And completely versatile... try different veggies, different herbs, throw a poached egg on top... !

For my Summer Bagel, I used:
- 1 toasted bagel (everything was particularly delicious)
- 2 tbsp cream cheese
- slivered onion (as much as you want)
- sliced grape tomatoes (those yellow cherub ones would be SO good)
- a generous sprinkling of dill (fresh would be better!)

06 July 2012


We're house-sitting, or more specifically, dog-sitting for K's sister right now.  She's in Costa Rica, and we're leaving on Wednesday to meet her there!  More on that soon, but for now, here are a few photos so that you, too, can eat up that face.  Susie is a Great Pyrenees who is dopey and sweet, and loves to sleep.

05 July 2012

colorado roadtrip no. 3

After the Sand Dunes, we headed to the Southwest corner of the state, driving through two large forest fires.  We had planned to see Mesa Verde, but it was too hot, so we headed North a bit and camped in the San Juan National Forest in a spot called Boggy Draw.  The Forest Service guy who recommended it to us had a huge mustache and a slow Western accent which was perfect for saying "Boggy Draw."

We drove North, through 14ers, Crested Butte, the aspen encrusted stretch of road over Kebler Pass.  We hiked around the starkly beautiful Black Canyon, and saw three snakes, some turkey vultures, and that beautiful Gunnison's Mariposa Lily  We visited the absurd spectacles of Aspen and Vail, where I was flabbergasted at the commercialization of mountains.  We bicycled a 12 mile loop around Leadville, an old mining town with the highest altitude in America.  And then we drove back to Denver.

I saw a lot of things I had never seen before, witnessed the many different sides of Coloradan culture, and experienced the numerous facets of mountains in this state.

04 July 2012

Happy Independence Day!

I think I've perfected my grilled pizza with salmon recipe.  Great Divide seems to have perfected the art of the growler, as well.  We picked up two brand spankin' new ones yesterday, and have been enjoying their contents.  I hope your day is filled with sparklers, barbeques, and sunshine!