26 September 2012

i've got antarctica on the mind today

Missing the gnashing teeth of the cold, the blinding starkness of the snow, and the melancholy songs of the ever-present wind.


25 September 2012

today's treasures


24 September 2012

a taste of my weekend

Kittens... look at those eyes! / Crazy Cake (baked solely to use up sour milk... that's rational, right?  Sometimes a just-because-cake is needed) / A shed that caught my autumnal-obsessed eye / The rabbitbrush is blooming! / First day of Autumn / Saturday treasures

21 September 2012

a few more watercolors

Thanks for the sweet comments about the trumpet vine painting.  I love the non-committal, casualness of painting in the moleskine.  They're small, quick, visual journal entries.  Here's a few more.

Great Sand Dunes National Park / Abandoned House in Colorado / Broccoli Cheddar Soup

19 September 2012

4 things of note (mostly in yellow)

 1 - I picked up a Moleskine watercolor notebook back in New England, and started doing quick paintings as a sort of journal of our travels.  This trumpet vine kept me company in South Carolina while Kevin watched swallows and swans near Jim Bakker's compound.

2 - I am endlessly obsessed with Becca Stadtlander's whimsical paintings as of late.  The way she captures fields... be still my heart.

3 - The sunflowers behind our house are finally blooming, and most of them are deep red or exploding red and yellow like this one.  The soil back there isn't great, so most of them reveal their radiant faces and then flop over, but this one is standing strong.

4 - Kevin and I have been working on things, as always, and are hoping to get our online shop up and running in the coming days.  I had to pry myself away from my pile, as this yellow tree was waving to me through our big back window.  It's a few blocks away, so I grabbed a few cameras, strolled over, and visited.  I decided that he needed to be showcased on a new banner, which made me realize how badly this space needs a facelift.  So that's under works too, keep peeking around as stuff gets updated.

14 September 2012

oh boy

Jeez louise. Continuing the love affair with this cat of mine.  She is too cute.  It's too much.

She had 15 minutes of fame on reddit yesterday, haha!

She makes us laugh all day.

12 September 2012


Remember how earlier this summer my mom fostered a pregnant cat, and K & I ended up keeping a kitten, and the whole thing was kind of a mess because we all got far too attached?  Well it was decided that none of us should be involved in fostering an animal again, because it was too painful.

However, there is a big wildfire raging in our town (we wrote about it over at Weird Birds today) and the local shelter has become inundated with animals of those being evacuated.  Since two week old kittens can't be vaccinated quite yet, the shelter asked if my mom would foster a mama cat and her six kittens for a few days until everything is sorted out.  So there are kittens in my mom's dresser drawer again.  I sat and watched them wiggle and squeak for hours yesterday.

09 September 2012


Have I mentioned lately how wildly grateful I am to be living in this adorable little house with this marvelously magical little family?  Sigh...

03 September 2012

A September Day

Oh, September.  A month in which one can enjoy the best of summer and fall in the same day.  It's already getting pretty chilly here - 70's during the day, low 40's at night.  This is the first September that I have not been in Antarctica since 2009, and I am so excited to enjoy my favorite seasonal transition.


It's chilly, but not cold enough to do any real heating of the house.  So instead I bake some potent ginger cookies, gaze at my farmers market bouquet, and practice the ukulele in between batches.


It's now sunny and warm, so off to the river we bike, dipping our toes into the Bitterroot, gobbling up homemade paninis.  These ones had fresh mozzarella, turkey, basil leaves, garden tomatoes, roasted garlic oil and balsamic vinegar.  Dang-a-lang.


After soup and freshly baked bread for dinner, we bundle up and bike over to the the bandshell.  My mother joined the community orchestra this summer, and we listen to her play the flute while watching the sun sink low behind the mountains, and ash from the nearby forest fires settles in our hair.

02 September 2012

new at weird birds

Just a quick note to let you guys know that every Sunday (starting today!) we're going to be sharing a recipe over at Weird Birds.  Our first one is fridge pickles, my absolutely favorite thing to eat at the moment.  Go peek!  I'll (finally!) be back tomorrow.  Stay tuned for orchestras, farmers markets, and ghost towns, oh my!