31 October 2012

Weird Birds Shop!

 With the farmers market season over, Kev and I decided to open the virtual doors to an Etsy shop, just in time for the holidays coming up.  Pictured are some of the burnt wood plaques I've been making.  Using a wood burner is such a fun new way to draw!  I hope you stop by and see what we've been working on.

P.S. Happy Halloween!!!

29 October 2012

a taste of my weekend

Lino cutting // A hike around Lake Como // Melted snow droplet // Following the trail // Waterfall // Bits of remaining green // A wonderful man and a wonderful view // Bald Eagle // Wood is good // Sunday breakfast burrito // Honeycomb shelves almost done // Our work bench

26 October 2012

Autumn Manifesto

I thought it was about time to post my manifesto for this favorite season of mine.  I've had it jotted down in a journal for a while now, but that last picture of Cornelia experiencing rain for the first time reminded me that I should share it here too.

Autumn Manifesto

Notice the birds - I'm particularly smitten with the Red-Shafted Northern Flickers lately, as well as the little black and white Downy Woodpecker that visits every afternoon for some suet nibbles.

Take long walks - Every day, particularly in the morning, but the evenings are nice as well when all of the homes are lit from within and chimneys fill the air with that Autumnal smell.

Send bundles of love to faraway friends - There's something so wondrous about taping up a box, writing an address including the word "Antarctica" and then knowing the long arduous journey it will take, since I've made that journey several times. 

Collect leaves - I have stacks around the house of vermillion, burgundy, mustard, blood orange.

Make soup - So far we've had broccoli cheddar, potato leek, green chili, three bean chili, french onion, and a bunch of pho.  Yum!  I want more of all of those, plus I would like to make a stew, then use the leftovers to make meat pies. 

Write down my stories - We share some stories over at Weird Birds, but there are so many that are often too embarrassing, or disturbing, or intimate that don't make the cut.  I want to write all those stories down, before I forget.  I did NaNoWriMo in 2009, the November before leaving for Antarctica.  It was an incredible experience that really unleashed a lot of creativity for me.  I've decided I'm going to do it again in, oh boy, six days...

What sorts of things are on your Autumn Manifesto?

23 October 2012

just because

Every morning, Kevin rises before I do.  He gets up in the dark, turns on NPR, and makes us breakfast.  Usually poached eggs are involved, and bananas over yogurt with homemade granola.  He comes and kisses my forehead, waking me up, and I find my breakfast steaming on the table, a mug of orange juice, and my vitamins.  Then we listen, mostly about the election these days, but occasionally there's more, like the interview with Mary Oliver the other day about her writing process and her own morning rituals.  As if making breakfast for me isn't enough, he surprised me with her newest collection, A Thousand Mornings.  "Just because I love you, and I thought you needed it," he said.  I'm so truly lucky.  A favorite from A Thousand Mornings:


I have decided to find myself a home
in the mountains, somewhere high up
where one learns to live peacefully in
the cold and the silence.  It's said that
in such a place certain revelations may
be discovered.  That what the spirit 
reaches for may be eventually felt, if not
exactly understood.   Slowly, no doubt.  I'm
not talking about vacation.

Of Course at the same time I mean to
stay exactly where I am.

Are you following me?

22 October 2012

a taste of my weekend

Cornelia taking a nap // Chicken soup with barley and chard // Playing in the Bitterroot with Lucy and Alex // Our latest wood carving class creation // Saturday afternoon naps // My latest wood burnings

It's a busy week ahead, how is it already Monday?
How was your weekend?

17 October 2012

To Work, I Walk

When the creativity gets stuck and I can't work anymore, I walk. My walks are long, slow, and deliberate. I fasten the big floppy-eared hat under my chin, fumble with my zipper through mittened hands, and give my cat a stroke. 

 A Red-shafted Flicker is startled from the suet feeder as I make my way across the frost crystallized grass. Small mounds of pebble-like scat near the compost reveal that we had visiting mule deer during the night. I take note of whether the mountains are clear and silhouetted in blue, or if they're swallowed by the nimbostratus. Today they are being pummeled with long-reaching fists of grey as cloud sinks into the canyons and rolls back out. The golden Autumnal coat of larches dot the emerald green blankets of forest. I collect leaves along the sidewalk: mustard, vermillion, coral, burgundy. Chestnut, maple, poplar, and aspen. Canadian Geese blurt their hurried messages as they wobble through the sky above. A tabby cat flops on the ground before me, bleating for a neck scratch. I oblige. Pulling my scarf tighter around my neck, I eye a bulbous hornet's nest several feet above in a tree. Nobody seems to be home. 

The rustling breeze urges me on, pushing me forward, back in the door of my little white house. I unbundle, sit at my desk, cat on my lap, and get back to work.

15 October 2012

a taste of my weekend

a visit from kevin's mom // steller's jay // hike // bitterroot valley // turkeys // rainy day snuggles // starting a collection // kitchen table // mustard and olive and stripes, oh my!

08 October 2012

a taste of my weekend

hot cider with cinnamon // my family // a neighbor watered their lawn // pumpkin cinnamon rolls // still sorting tomatoes // a baby donkey (!!!) // corn vs. corn