28 January 2013

new music - kishi bashi

Does anybody else go through phases with music, where your desire to listen ebbs and flows?  Sometimes I want to listen to music all day, but probably two thirds of the time, I prefer silence.  I'm on the tail end of a long silent spurt, much to Kev's chagrin (he has been wanting to play Kendrick Lamar, but no thank you).  There might be a shift towards a music oriented period again, however, because I finally found something I want to listen to... Kishi Bashi's album 151a.  I'm a sucker for finger snapping and hand clapping, and this has those things, plus an Animal Collective mood, and a big dollop of cheerfulness.  Perfect for beating off those everlasting winter blues.

Side note, I dig the album artwork, a LOT.  The little girl looks strikingly similar to me as a wee one, with a hairstyle I rocked until fourth grade, and am thinking about resurrecting.  Any thoughts?  Also, I had a dream while in Antarctica last year that Kevin was a tiger who was leading me somewhere, and I can still FEEL the soft folds of fur on top of his tiger head.  Dreams are weird...

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  1. yay! so happy to find something new to listen to! and bangs...yes. if you're blessed with straight hair, then yes yes yes to bangs.


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