15 February 2013


Our first two Valentine's Days were spent in Antarctica, in an environment where we grabbed a heart shaped cookie on our way out of the galley after dinner and held mittened hands while walking back to our room.  There wasn't much time or space for romance.  This year, K returned from a week long business trip in Ohio, so when I got back from work last night, he was home with a big yummy meal prepared.  For dessert, we tried out a tealight powered fondue pot I found for free at a yardsale, and dipped strawberries into chocolate.  It was lovely, simple, and just what I needed after a week without him. 

Before I met him, I never gave Valentine's Day much thought, shrugging it off as a manufactured holiday, but this year I decided that I like it.  What's bad about a day designated for showing love?  If you decide not to buy into the commercialism of roses and boxes of chocolate, it's just an excuse to slow down, make some good food, and snuggle.  Or share some wine with your closest pals.  Or spend a little more time playing with your pet.  There's nothing silly about designating a day for some extra love that we could all use. 

01 February 2013

gondry and revelry

Two things.

1 - The trailer for Michel Gondry's new film has recently been released and it is so beautiful.  I don't understand French, but the imagery alone made me teary and joyous at the same time.

2 - Off to Missoula for some revelry tonight... after a rather lonely winter, a bunch of people we love are converging in one place and I couldn't be more excited!

Have a stupendous weekend, my friends.