My name is Elizabeth Endicott.  I grew up in New England and have a "home base" in Montana.  In the past two years, I have been to Antarctica twice, New Zealand six times, Thailand six times, Singapore three times, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Nepal, and India.  Costa Rica is next.  I recently worked as a janitor in Antarctica for 12 months, which you can read about here.  

I have a dreamboat boyfriend whose red beard is all the envy in Asia.  I like it a lot too.  We write a blog together chronicling our travels and adventures together; it's called Weird Birds

I'm a total sucker for beautiful things, cute things, tiny things, pretty packaging, funky jewelry, and cats.  I once got in a pretty bad bicycle wreck because I saw a kitty I wanted to stop and pet.  I like elephants too... there might be a two-way-tie for favorite animal.  I think about pho three times a day and have delicious issues with cheese and chocolate.  I collect cameras, tiny boxes, postcards, and have far too many earrings.

I dabble in lots of different creative endeavors.  
Most recently: linoleum block printing, ukulele strumming, and sculpting miniature animals.  
Always: photography (film + digital), jewelry making, and drawing.

Welcome to my little cubby of the internetz.